Rebel Ramen 6 Pack
Rebel Ramen 6 Pack
Rebel Ramen 6 Pack

Rebel Ramen 6 Pack

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Amazing High Protein Instant Ramen made from Black Bean noodles!

  • 38g of protein per bowl
  • 18g of fiber
  • Simple and natural ingredients
  • low carb!

For those looking to reduce the amount of sodium in their bowls, consider leaving the remaining stock after consuming the noodles. 95% of our sodium comes from the stock.

Spicy Savory - Noodles (Black Beans), Stock (Dehydrated Red and Green Peppers, Mushroom Extract, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Vinegar, Silicon Dioxide)

Miso - Noodles (Black Beans), Stock (Miso Powder, Mushroom Extract, Seaweed Powder, Vinegar, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide)

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

I have tried both Rebel Ramen flavors and my favorite is the spicy, the miso was very flavorful tho. I was definitely full from one soup, the quality and the price are on point. I look forward to more flavors and ordering ❤

A fun experience

I'd been eyeing Rebel Ramen for quite some time now and decided to take the plunge before the price hike. I was hesitant to try the noodles due to the negative reviews regarding its taste and texture. If you're expecting a ramen texture, it's certainly not that but I enjoyed the chewy texture of the noodles. The two flavors were both very tasty as well!!

Broken upon shipping

I received the package with three broken units.


Love these noodles! Appreciate that they can be prepared so quickly with just hot water. They also don't over-swell the way regular wheat instant noodles usually do. If I have more time, I'll prepare on stove with veg and an egg for extra protein. Cannot wait for the noodles to be sold by themselves in bulk!

Wrong Star Amount Last Review

This is not five star ramen. At the right price it could be, but for the cost it is not. I also ordered Vite Ramen and that was about a dollar more but it is of slightly better value for nutrition and taste. Overall both brands are too expensive, but a great product if sold at a cheaper price.